Serving & Storing


Strawberry Hill Povitica is hand-made to order.  Once received, your povitica will remain soft and fresh for up to a week on your countertop.  If you're aiming for a bit longer, keep each loaf cool in your refrigerator for up to two weeks.  If you have the will power, you can freeze your Povitica for up to three months.  


Grandma's only rule was to slice Povitica upside down, from the bottom to the top.  This tasty little treat keeps all of your layers together nicely.  Bits and pieces that fell off while slicing were quickly eaten.  She'd say "That's the cooks cut!"


Preparing Povitica can't be covered in a third of a page, but for quick reference, you can slice and eat it right from the box, heat it in a griddle, or microwave, or add a pat of butter like we do every morning here at the bakery.